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How quickly can you take a look at the works I require?

Normally within one week but often much sooner. Contact us to organise a free no obligation quotation.

How much will the works cost?

This will depend greatly on the nature and type of works required. For tree surveys and stump grinding we can provide quotations without visiting the site. Unfortunately however, given the nature of tree work it's not possible to give a quotation for works without first visiting the site. Whatever service you require make sure to get in touch.

How quickly can you undertake works

Depending on the type of works and the time of year we can normally programme works to take place within 2-4 weeks upon receipt of your acceptance of a quotation.

Does the time of year matter when working on my trees?

Yes. We work on trees all year round however the time of year, type of works and species of tree will determine when to work on your trees. For example certain species of tree are best worked on at specific times of the year to avoid unnecessary damage. Additionally the bird nesting season can have an impact on what we are able to do. The best thing to do if you're unsure is to speak with one of our team who can help advise you on the best course of action.

Can I cut back my neighbours overhanging trees?

Normally yes. However you may only prune overhanging trees back to the boundary.You must seek permission from the tree owner if you need to access the trees from their land otherwise you risk prosecution for trespass. You also need to ask the tree owner if they would like the arisings from any pruning. There's no requirement for the tree owner to dispose of arisings and you may have to dispose of them at your own expense; you aren't entitled to just 'throw' them back. You'll also need to undertake the correct checks for statutory tree protection and apply for any relevant permissions prior to carrying out the works. Sound like a headache? Get in touch and let us take care of it.

What is a TPO?

TPO stands for Tree Preservation Order. It is an order made by the local authority to protect a single tree, a group of trees and woodlands. It makes it an offence to prune, fell or damage the tree without written permission from the loacl authority. We regularly liaise with local authorities to carry out checks for TPO trees. If you need help with this then give us a call.

Can you make the necessary applications on my behalf?

Yes. We always check for statutory protection prior to undertaking works and make the necessary arrangements for free providing we undertake the proposed works.