Expert tree stump removal

Getting rid of a stump can be a tricky and seemingly impossible task without the right equipment. With our modern stump grinding machines we remove stumps quickly and effectively and with the minimum of fuss. Large or small we can reach tree stumps on all types of terrain including sloping ground. 

Large tree stump

Why get rid of tree stumps?

  • They can be unsightly and spoil the look of a garden 
  • Stumps may harbor disease such as honey fungus which can spread to other plants
  • In the wrong place stumps may become a trip hazard or make a space otherwise unusable 
  • Depending on the species stumps can re-sprout producing prolific regrowth resulting in a new tree

Making quick work of stumps

We make the removal of stumps a sinch! Our modern, go anywhere, tackle any stump machinery makes quick work of even the most awkward tree stumps. We've been stump grinding for over 15 years and we've not found a stump which has beaten us yet!

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The process

Very large tree stump


Before stump grinding commences we remove any loose stones and debris from around the base of the stump. With a chainsaw the stump is cut as low to the ground as possible in order to minimise the amount of arisings produced during the process.

Positioning a large stump grinder next to a stump


The machine is brought on site and positioned next to the stump. Special ground protection mats are laid down if the ground is particularly soft. Barriers are arranged around the stump grinder to protect surroundings from grindings and other debris during removal.

Stump grindings after completion of stump removal


The stump removal process begins and the stump and major roots are chipped away safely and methodically. As can be seen in the image above what's left is a tidy pile of grindings and loose soil ready for reinstatement.

Small stump grinding machine

Poor access? No problem!

If you're concerned about access to your garden or site don't be. We have a range of machines to suit each situation.

Our smallest grinding machines can be lifted by hand through buildings where access to remove stumps with larger stump grinding machines is impossible.


Big is better!

Our larger machines can fit through a 32 inch gap. It's fairly common for us to temporarily take down fences or use ramps to access and remove stumps where access is restricted. 

If we can get our bigger grinders to your stumps the quicker and more cost effective it will be.

Stump grinding machine

Watch our stump grinding video

The short video below illustrates just how quickly and efficiently one of our larger stump grinding machines can make out of turning a large stump into nothing more than wood chip.

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Stump removal frequently asked questions

Below is a selection of the questions which are most commonly asked by customers searching for a stump removal service. If you are interested in this service but none of the examples below answer your questions then simply get in touch so we can help.


Q. What area do you cover for stump grinding services?

A. We operate throughout the south of the UK grinding out stumps across Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey and parts of Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and West Sussex. If you're unsure whether we cover your town, city or village just send us an email or give us a call.

Q. Can I get a quote over the phone?

A. Normally yes. If you contact us via phone we can ask you a few simple questions to provide a quote straight away. If you'd prefer to correspond via email just tell us: the number of stumps, the height of the stump and the approximate diameter of the stump at the base. Tell us as much as you can about the access i.e. 'through a 36 inch gate and up some steps to the back garden'. This enables us to provide a quote without first visiting the site thereby saving you money. 

Q. What do you do with the debris/ stump grindings?

A. The cost of stump removal includes leaving the site as tidy as possible, raking up any grindings and loose soil and back filling this into the hole. Any excess grindings are piled neatly over the hole and left for our customers. It's great for composting and later spreading as mulch. If you would like us to remove any excess grindings this will normally come at an additional charge - just let us know so we can include this in the quotation.

Q. Do I need to be in when you carry out the removal of my stumps?

A. No. Providing we have access to the site and stumps then you do not need to be present. In the majority of cases our clients are not there when we undertake the works.